[Gingatokkyu] God Of Snake

[Gingatokkyu] God Of Snake

I greeted my daughter at breakfast kissing her on the lips Emma took control and pretty much attempted to eat my face of “somebody is horny today” i told Emma, Emma gave me a cheeky grin and told me she needed help with this list she’s looking at i sat down next to her and saw her bucket list on the table she told me she was looking at some porn videos for more things to add to her list i moved my hand to her inner thigh and started rubbing up and down and making my way to her pussy sliding 2 fingers inside her Emma moaned at my touch i continued with the conversation as i buried my fingers inside her i asked her what she’s got on her list Emma started listing the things on her list taking long shuddered breaths in-between, my fingers were getting to much for her she gave up and let me take over i moved my head between her legs gnawing at her clit and rolling my tongue up and down her slit i was about to ram my tongue into her fuckhole but i had a kinky little idea i moved down lower and probed Emma's asshole Emma was startled at my tongue wriggling inside her ass she was surprised but not disgusted she moved back a bit to give my tongue better access i firmly grasped her ass sinking my nails in her ass cheeks and probed my tongue even further Emma took her hand to her clit rubbing it having both holes pleasured at once until she came all over her hand she raised her hand to her mouth licking of all her cum at the same time i withdrew my tongue from her tight little asshole i could smell the sweaty smell of ass on my face and feel the bitterness on my tongue. She told me her period is due in a few days we could start with having sex with her on her period I immediately came to realisation I’ve been filling my daughters little pussy with gallons of cum I had a little freak attack exclaiming that she could be pregnant she stopped my fast words with a kiss from her soft warm lips she told me that her now ex-boyfriend put her on the birth control pill as soon as they started playing, well at least her boyfriend was cautious I guess I looked at Emma’s list once more and found out something else we could do while we wait for her period.

Hentai: [Gingatokkyu] God of Snake

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