Oral Sex Iincho Vs Ecchiman – Doraemon Pee

Oral Sex Iincho Vs Ecchiman - Doraemon Pee

I was moving my face closer and closer to her swollen and cum filled cunt; getting an absolute strange and “animalistic” smell rushing through my nostrils like a “smell” of strong odor coming from a stock yard of cattle; but this wasn't that at all! It was the smell of absolute “male” cum and sperm!

Snake Ladies male “dogs” cum and sperm!

My wife was pleading for us to do something, anything to help her as now I had “slid” right up to the damn plate, seeing first handed and eye level her swollen and cum filled gaping open cunt, “running” little streams of nearly semi clear liquid from her depths! As I was choking back this absolute desire to want to all but “puke” but was now so perversely wild with looking right at and into my wife's fucked from hell cunt. Gay Longhair The Person Who Wants To See The… She sat on the toilet as if going through this “ritual” of it all as she “Whhat Diddd Hee ddooo ttttooo meeee!?” Which no doubt in my mind at that moment she knew fully well that Snake Ladies huge male dog had fucked the hell out of her!

Everything in that time frame of events is cloudy to my thoughts and mind recalling it all and more I think in the repetition of it as to why there isn't actually more to say other than that moments “reaction” to it all.

Hentai: (C95) [Puchi-ya (Hoshino Fuuta)] Iincho vs Ecchiman (Doraemon)

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(C95) [ぷち屋 (ほしのふうた)]いいんちょvsえっちマン(ドラえもん)

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