Tentacle Daddy

Tentacle Daddy

She would expose Rikimarue as a traiter who has set up several Female Taimanin to be captured by demons in the past, and she would convince Taimanin HQ that having an Orc could be a good thing, her Orc Son could be a spy for them, he could easily blend in with other demons and then inform Taimanin HQ about the demons activities. Ayame knows she's dreaming but she can't wake up, she knew she was dreaming becasue she can't remember how she escaped from Rikimarue and Merik, she can't remember where she and her Orc Son have been living, how she was able to support her Son and herself and how she's was raped moments ago but is now around 8 month pregnant.

Hentai: Tentacle Daddy

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